All About Me!!

22 10 2009

8729_135553886743_506366743_3079266_6864423_nHello Hello! My name is Jackie Kenmare and I am currently 6 months in to the New Media Design and Web Development Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver. I always felt like I was at a loss for words when people asked me what I wanted to get out of this program…until we started doing Videoshooting and Editing class. I’m terrible and hard coding and basically all of the back-end work of creating a website. I feel like I have really found my niche in video. It’s unfortunate that we only got to spend 3 months (1 semester) on doing video work but I think that it was enough for me to realize that this is really what I want to do, even if it means doing more school after I graduate from B.C.I.T. Since I only got the chance to complete 2 videos during the semester, I am currently in the works of making a full length snowboard video this winter to add to my portfolio.